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Latham Methodist Church Farmer’s Market hosted
over 3 dozen local merchants/farmers along with ASA.

2016 Go Solar Day, Sept. 2

ASA Celebrates Solar Power

with the Public in our

1st Go Solar Day

Merchants & Farmers sell fresh/local vegetables & fruits, no-hormones/no-antibiotic meats, prepared foods, juices, breads, pies, cupcakes, soups, candles, teas ….
Ques.:  What do bubbles &
snow cones &
the sun
have in common ? 
Ans: Go Solar Day.
The FireFly is our live demo of solar power. 
It was built on a trailer to haul it to events and is off-grid. 
It has 3 solar panels and battery along with a Battery Charge Controller & Inverter.
ASA used FireFly to generate AC electricity to run the snow cone machine. 
We used 2 mini solar panels to generate DC electricity to run a toy bubble maker.
Doug, Morton, Kay and Celia manned our table. 
Kaleb Archibald, son of Steve &
grandson of Morton, made snow cones.
The snow cones were a big hit –
the temperature was in the mid-90’s.
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