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Stop TVA from Under Paying for Solar Energy

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to TVA for FAIR Reimbursement of Green Electricity

Public Meeting 



usually 3rd Tuesday  each Month



West End Grill

Earth Day at
Hays Nature Preserve

When:   April 21

Solar Tour -- view actual homes gone green



Sat., October 5

10a - 3p

2 different sites- come to 1 or all


Go Solar Day



June TBD




AL Solar



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a description of our group and our goals

email the group or one of the Officers

Google Maps to the different places we meet

meet the Officers (Board of Directors) & thier Objective & Duties & Biography

in loving memory of Al Orilion, founder of ASA who passed away July, 2014

featured conservation tips and upcoming main event

Calendar of Events:  What, When, Where of ASA Events throughout the year

E-sign a petition from ASA to TVA to reimburse fairly for Solar Electricity

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everyday conservation tips for saving the resource of planet Earth

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photographs of past events, our member & attendees

main event schedule & featured photos of ASA events

see photos of the houses on 2018 ASA Solar Tour; real houses 'gone Green'

detailed Green Energy information from this year’s Public Meeting presentations

detailed Green Energy information from past year's Public Meeting presentations

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see photos of the houses/comm. site on 2017 ASA Solar Tour; real houses 'gone Green'

6 class course on renewable energy thru OLLI on the UAH campus

see photos of the houses on 2016 ASA Solar Tour; real houses 'gone Green'

ASA celebrates solar at Latham Farmer's Market

explanation & photos of Future City Competition in Jan - ASA judged

photos of Earth Day in April - ASA on exhibit

explanation & photos of the 3 Earth Days in April - ASA on exhibit

see sites on 2015 ASA Solar Tour; real houses 'gone Green'

explanation & photos of the Jr. Solar Sprint Competition in May - ASA judged

AL Environmental Council presented speakers on renew. energy + economical

learn about the basics of Green Energy

learn about the power of solar electricity

learn the basics about solar hot water for your home

these are the local companies that work in the Green Energy world everyday --

      Thank You for your Support

--  education for the kids  --

learn about Electricity in your home, where it comes from, how it gets there, current, how fast it is, brief history, ...

learn about wind turbines & how they create electricity

learn about dams & hydro electric plants, how big they are, how they create AC

learn about the sun's life cycle on earth, how electricity is created from photons,

solar farms, solar panels & solar hot water

learn about Nuclear Power, how it works, IS it GREEN?

learn to conserve electricity around your home & school

Teachers - contained on this page is a fun & educational 3-part PowerPoint presentation on "Electricity & Green Energy". You can download & give yourself or arrange for ASA to present it FREE in your classroom along with AC & green energy demonstrations

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Ask serious questions to the serious experts in our group

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