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How Solar Electricity is
Growing in the World

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Now that’s Progress . . .
How does the U.S. Rank with other Countries in the “Green Energy Revolution” ?
Yes, I am calling it a Revolution. 
Here’s why  . . .
So often our political leaders call spending our money “Progress”, even when it’s reckless and wasteful.  No, it’s NOT.  Just because our leaders CAN spend our money on something, does not mean they SHOULD.  Spending is NOT investing.  An investment pays you back many times over, usually over a long period of time, either monetarily or in security / safety.
Now, investing in green is how I spell p-r-o-g-r-e-s-s.  Until we replace the carbon emitting fuel source with a green source, we will never slow Climate Change. Climate Change understands “progress”, at our expense.  {Maybe Climate Change is a politician?}  Green Energy is the most significant  piece of the puzzle to the solution for Climate Change.  Secondly, is conservation of Energy.
Green energy is also sustainable.  It comes from a source that is naturally replaced by Nature.  The supply is inexhaustible.  Unlike, coal and oil, it will never run out.
Further, until America replaces foreign oil with a home-grown, sustainable/renewable source, we will never be independent from other countries.
I now declare this solar movement “a Revolution”.
I am proud to release this progress report on the growth of PV (solar electricity) throughout the world with credible statistics from the end of 2017.  The increase of “PV capacity”  by some of these countries is admirable.
The raw data comes from International Energy Agency & other institutes throughout the world.
Here’s some notable take-aways from the charts. 
  • In 2017, worldwide (52 countries reported), PV (solar electricity) increased by 31% in 1 yr.
  • Congratulations to China for being ranked as # 1, with a whopping total of 131 gW of PV (solar electricity)
graph, 2017 Solar Electricity Totals by
Solar Electricity TOTALS
(PV Capacity)
  • In the year 2017, China (#1) had a total almost 3 times the PV than the # 2 ranked, U.S.
  • In 2017, U.S. ranked # 2 with a total of 51 gW of PV -  up from # 4 in the prior year.
  • Japan, # 3, and Germany, # 4, are very close to the U.S. total at end of 2017.
  • Countries using the most PV for their TOTAL Electricity are Honduras (13%),  Germany & Italy (almost 8%) and Greece (7.4%) .
2017 Solar Electricity

  • China increased its total PV in 2017 by 2/3rds (the amount of the U.S. TOTAL).
  • In 2017, India doubled it solar electricity from yr. before !!!     { more than China, at almost 70%, added }
  • U.S. increased a bit over 25% of PV from year before.  Not bad, but we can do even better.
  • In 2017, S. Korea, ranked # 11, although still a low total, increased PV by 30%.​​
graph, 2017 Solar Electricity Increases
table, 2017 End - Solar PV Capacity of T
graph, Worldwide growth of PV.png
notes to table, 2017 End - Solar PV Capa

The Future  of Solar  in the  World  is bright !

Schneebergerhof wind farm in the Germany

Photovoltaic array and wind turbines at the Schneebergerhof wind farm in the German state of Rheinland-Pfalz

graph, 2016 China PV Increase since 2000


July 2018

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