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Public Meetings 2019

chart, 2019 US New electric generating f

OUT with

the Coal

and IN with

the Green

Why Solar ?

  • Renewable 

      - the most significant solution to 
        Climate Change

      - the energy source, sunlight, is
         unlimited (esp. in Alabama)    
       - clean / good for the environment

  • Reliable    
     - panels are guaranteed for 25 
       yrs with only a 1% /yr drop in           output 

       - actually will last over 40 years,
very little maintenance

  • Independence     
     - from foreign sources     
     - from utility prices

  • Good Investment     
     - pays for themselves in 10 yrs

       - the electricity generated will 
         make you money 

chart, 2019 US Electric Source Additions

Alabama # 50 

it's not becuase we don't get

enough sunlight . . .

ASA has Speakers every Month at our
Public Meetings

Most solar panels are garenteed for 25 years with only a 20% degradation in efficiency.

2019 Presentations at the ASA Monthly Public Meetings

"Energy Huntsville" 

Jan 15  by Randy Buckner & Charles King

 NO Pow

thermomitor in shape of planet 3.gif

"Energy " Apr 16


  • In order

"Huntsville Committee of 100"  

Feb 19 by John Allen


Gov. & Utility Incentives

to Install Solar Panels


- 30% Federal Tax Credit

- Accelerated depreciation for commercial systems

- TVA Green Power Purchase - 
currently TVA pays the rate you what you would pay them for electricity

To extend the life of your Lead batteries, keep them at least 50% charged.


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HW Diagram of a Grid Tied Solar System

"A" May 19


  • Greenhouse 

"A" Jun 18


  • Greenhouse 

" LEg"   

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  • Increa

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"AL, TVe"    Aug 20 by  

           – Alab

  • Joinch

  • ngagement!

How Does a Solar Panel generate electricity?

The silicon wafer is the basic component in each solar cell.  This silicon wafer is processed with one side charged + and the other side charged - .  When light hits it, in the form of photons, electrons are "excited" & flow to the other side.  This creates a current.  This current is then transferred to electricity in your house. 

Grid Parity

When electricity from alternative energy is equal to or cheaper than the price of buying it from the power company

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Founders ha   ience in solar energy fields

  • Alabama is thalized

  • typehouse runs off the batteries 1st, then grid(cost is $3-4./W)

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"Wha" Nov 19

by Jam

Operation Grcollected by schools to earn cash

  • Collect used Ink cartridges to donate for cash to wn & 565 Parks

  • Witworld's biggest recycling facility!

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"Ener5 ment, and Me"  Oct 15


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WebMaster NOTE

The above figures are from the U.S. DoE, Dept of Energy.  LED light bulbs are slightly less efficient than other sources on the Internet, but still VERY Impressive in energy savings.




November 20


West End Grill


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