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'Hydro' means water.

Water has been used for work for over 2000 years.

Greeks used water wheels
to grind grain.

Hydro-Power Green Energy

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Hydro Electric

     How Does it Work ?


  • the movement of the water in a dam turns a huge turbine

  • the turbine turns a huge generator

  • the generator converts motion into electricity

But you need a big river with big drop
and a dam.




Power Plant

Niagara Falls is between Canada & the U.S.

It has the highest flow rate of any waterfall in the world.

In the 1890’s, Nikola Tesla designed and George Westinghouse built the 1st major hydro-electric power plant on Niagara Falls.

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It is still the largest electricity producer in New York state.

waterfall at a dam - Nature
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'Hydropower' or 'Hydro-Electric'
produces electricity
from the flow of water.

The United States leads the world in hydroelectric dams, mostly due to its high level of technology and plentiful supply of rivers.

Canada, Brazil, and China also produce a large amount of hydroelectricity.

7% of U.S. electricity comes from Hydropower.

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