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Portfolio of Photographs

Earth Day 2013
at Hays Nature Preserve
Firefly charging
Electric Car
2013 HATS Person
of the Year
Awards Banquet
Firefly is our portable demonstration of Solar Energy at work.
We bring it to big outdoor events to show the public the feasibility of Solar. 

It provides power in these events, and in emergencies. 

It was built by ASA members
(here is Steve & Paul).
It was designed by former Pres.,
Morton Archibald.
Firefly consists of 3 solar panels, an inverter (converts DC electricity to AC) a charge controller, meters (showing the power generated), electric tilt system (to tilt the array to the optimum angle).
 It can produce up to 135 volts DC.

Baby Firefly is Hatched


Baby Firefly is 'hatched' after the April 2011 tornados hit Alabama, causing ‘the grid’ to shut down for at least 4 days to a million people.

Steve Archibald & his father, Morton, went right to work on a mini-version of the ASA Firefly, affectionately calling it “Baby Firefly”. 

Steve used his son’s wagon, three 15-watt solar panels (stationary on the wagon), 12V marine batteries (purchased the day after the tornados) and a controller.  The wagon allowed him to move the setup easily occasionally to track the sun.

Steve writes, “It’s not a very big system, but the 45-watt output will power a few light fixtures, recharge small appliance batteries, and even run a small refrigerator.”

Steve, just one question - 

Did that boy ever get his wagon back?

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