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We have demonstrations and displays for individuals on Solar Energy,  Solar Water Heaters, Geothermal Heating/Cooling and, most importantly, everyday conservation.   This includes


  • · monthly talks/lectures, usually free, on going Green

  • · a yearly Solar tour showing actual homes using Green Energy

  • · participate in YOUTopia at the Huntsville Botanical Garden

  • · participate in several Earth Days around Huntsville

  • · publish a monthly newsletter, SunDail  (check-it-out here)




About Us

Teaching You
Green Energy
Everyday Conservation

Silent Roof Top Wind Turbines

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Alabama Solar Association (ASA)

is a non-profit organization that advocates Renewable Energy and Conservation. 


We educate the public and professionals on, not just Solar Energy, but all Green energy and everyday conservation.

The Future is here . . .

We believe the USA can achieve independence on foreign petroleum by using the sun’s renewable energy and other alternate energy sources which will not further pollute our planet.


Knowledge is Power

We help homeowners who are interested in improving thier homes by using alternate energy sources which reduce energy consumption from polluting sources.


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