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Green Tips for the Environment

How can you save the planet
You can start today, around your house &
work, with these environmentally friendly tips. 
If you do little things, every day, it adds up.  And it will save you money.  ASA believes everyday conservation is as important as Renewable Energy. 

Shop Locally

When you shop at the local Farmer’s Markets throughout your town, the food tastes better and is much more nutritious.  Avoid processing, packaging, and transportation costs.  You support the local farmers.  They take pride in their product.  Your kids will learn where & how food is grown.


Did you know that 6 average plastic bags require a gallon of crude oil to make?  Each little plastic bag doesn't use much petroleum, but the world uses five trillion of them / year!  That totals to 20 billion barrels of oil / year.

Just Say No to Plastic

Bring your own bags shopping.  Most reusable bags hold 3 times the weight.  When you get the wider handles, you can carry this weight more comfortably, because the plastic handles are not cutting into the inside of your fingers. 

graphic, how long til its gone.jpg

A disposable diaper & a plastic 
bottle take 450 years to decompose.

How  long does it take STYROFOAM to decompose?


OVER 500 years

Save Computer Paper

Always use the "Print Preview"

before you Print.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint by

Using Synthetic Oil


It's not made from crude, it was originally designed for jet engines, so it's extremely durable, it saves gas by reducing friction, it lasts longer, and that's not even the best part.  It provides superior lubrication protecting your engine and significantly extending vehicle life.

Get Nuclear Power the Old

Fashioned Way - - from the Sun

The sun provides the earth enough energy in 15 seconds/day to meet the entire world’s current needs for the entire day.

Buy Brands that are Green

Vote green with your purchase.

It might not feel like it sometimes, but in Capitalism, the consumer determines what's produced & how much it costs.

When you buy green, the market-economy would eventually respond.

clipart of Pear tree.png

Plant a Fruit Tree

Could you use more shade?  Any tree will soak up Carbon & put out Oxygen, but why not select one that will feed you as well?

Plant a Vegetable Garden

Even is it's just a tomato, or some herbs (Basil, Peppermint, Rosemary, ...)  Poor man with garden eats better than rich man without one. 

Be Smart with Yard Chemicals

Please avoid putting chemicals on your plants which will wash into rivers and streams.  Make sure to apply when there's no rain in the forecast for at least 3 days, especially heavy rain.

Homeowners are the main culprits.  Farmers are all-to-aware of how expensive the effective chemicals are.

Give a Potted Plant

If you’re going to “say it with

flowers,” give a potted plant instead of cut flowers.  Potted plants keep growing, absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. 
Most can even be planted outside.

Avoid Disposable Packaging

Don't add to litter and don't take up valuable land for a garbage dump.  Avoid buying products in Styrofoam, plastic and other disposable packaging.

Arrange for a Green Burial

Tell your family that you want to be cremated or at least don't embalm

your body.  Use a wood box.

Reuse or Recycle Old Electronics

Donate old electronics to school programs or to volunteer organizations that refurbish them for another use.  Several programs give refurbished phones to battered women, soldiers serving overseas, and other worthwhile uses.

Need More Stuff --     Really?    

Acquiring more things is a national pastime.  "Storing" is a deeply rooted instinct.  It makes us feel secure/safe.  But before your next purchase, ask:

  • can I wait to get this? 

  • exactly where am I going to put it? 

  • will I really use it?

Use Both Sides of Paper

Print in duplex, use the back of a page for drafts, cut larger pages into memo pads, use your imagination.  Reuse before you recycle.

Plug your Electronics into a Power Strip   

Plug your entertainment center (except components that must stay on) into a power strip and cut it off when not in use.  Get the added benefit of surge protection.

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