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How Does a
Solar Panel
Work ?

part 1 of 3

"Intro & Electricity"

updated Sept 8

part 2 of 3

"Green Energy,

Hydro & Wind"

updated Sept 8

part 3 of 3

"Green Energy,

Sun & Conservation"

updated Sept 8

"Electricity & Green Energy"

Presentation to Kids

( in 3 files )

sampling of

"Electricity & Green Energy"

PowerPoint Presentation

updated Sept 8

This is sampling of some
of the slides in all
the 3 parts, above. 

  • This PowerPoint presentation file contains 17 of the key slides within the above 3 files.

  • Remember to view the PowerPoint presentaion in "SlideShow View" to see the moving graphics & hear the sounds. 

  • If you're not familar with PowerPoint, use the directions above.

"Electricity & Green Energy"

Presentation to Kids

now available


Attention Teachers,


ASA is a non-profit organization that promotes & educates the general public on green energy & conservation.  We sell nothingWe will not ask you for any donations.


ASA has put together a 3-part Powerpoint presentation on green energy, specifically for kids in 6th grade - 10th grade.  It's also great for Science clubs & Scouts.


The slides (in the "Slideshow View") have lots of sounds & moving images to keep kid's attention.  They have lots of color & images to entertain/engage as well as teach.


The value of green energy is of course good for the environment & Climate Change.  BUT did you know this is one of the fastest growing industries in our economy AND the world economy.  The solar industry alone is growing 20 times the National Average.

This industry holds the potential for jobs for the kids in your class.  It will probably be the next infomation technology for these kids as they graduate into the job market.


Please review the below presentations. Consider giving these to your class yourself OR contact me & we will come to your classroom & give these presentations to your class.  We have some demos of electricity & solar I think your kids will enjoy interacting with.


Below is the "Purpose" of this presentation & a brief "Outline of Presentation to Kids".



Celia J. Mackey

ASA Webmaster


Aug, 2017

 Electrons Flowing thru Copper Wire
Electricity travels by current

Kid's Corner for Teachers

"Electricity & Green Energy"




  1. teach kids about electricity

  2. teach kids about green energy

    • what is it ?

    • why important ?

    • hydro

    • wind

    • solar

  3. teach kids about importance of conserving energy

  4. inspire kids – get them excited about going green

  5. lay foundation for future employment in the Green Industry

"Electricity & Green Energy"


Basic Outline


  • Electricity

a)  What is Electricity?

b)  Where does it come from?

1) Energy Sources

2) Where does our electricity come  from?

c)  brief history


  • Green Energy

a)  What is it ?

b)  Why is it important ?

c)  Hydro-power

d)  Wind power

e)  Solar power


  • Conservation

a)  US uses 5 times more electricity / energy per person than the world

b)  importance of thermostat settings

c)  LED lighting

d)  shade - respect trees

e)  more tips

ASA Solar



available for demonstration



Please review the Kid's Presentation.


It is in MicroSoft PowerPoint. 


It's in 3 parts, each in the 3 files below.


There are moving images and sounds that cannot be seen/heard except in the “Slideshow View” within MS PowerPoint.  [Or print the instructions in the below Word document.]


If you are not familiar with MS Office PowerPoint, to the right are simple, detailed instructions for seeing motion & hearing sounds in the slides. 


Also, to see the moving images, you must have Internet access.


Feel free to give me feedback.



ASA WebMaster

Instructions to View the
PowerPoint presentation in the “Slideshow View” with your Keyboard Keys


There are moving images and sounds that cannot be seen/heard except in the “Slideshow View” within MS PowerPoint. 


If you are not familiar with MS Office PowerPoint, here are detailed instructions for seeing motion & hearing sounds in these presentation slides with just your keyboard.


  1. Click once on the below file (on this webpage) you want to view.  There are 3 separate files.  If you have PowerPoint on your computer, the file will open.  If the file doesn’t open and you’re sure you have PowerPoint on your computer, hit the “Retry” button at the bottom.

  2. Click the "open" button.

  3. Now you’re in MS PowerPoint.  Now view the slides in “Slideshow View”.  On your keyboard, simply hit the  F5  key on the top of your keyboard. { The 1st slide has sound AND in the image, on the top, right has motion. }

  4. To advance to the next slide, simply hit the right arrow key  -->  on your keyboard and to go back to a previous slide, hit the left arrow key  <--  .

  5. To close PowerPoint, you will have to get back to the “Working View”, hit the  ESC  
    on the top, far left of your keyboard.

  6. If you want to start “Slideshow View” from the current slide, hit these keys on your keyboard at the same time :   Shift  and   F5  .

  7. Feel free to save the file to your computer, for later reference.  But the files on the ASA webpage will be updated from time to time.

plus   J o b s !

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