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Al talks about Solar Thermal Water Heating and his patented Pyramidal Energy Collector System
  • Al is the founder of our group
Anchor to Al YouTube Video

Solar Thermal

by Al Orillion P.E.

My Very Green House 

by Michele Sneed

Michele talks on her very Green house

   ~ Geothermal Heating & Cooling System

   ~ Solar Hot Water System

   ~ 9 KW Solar Panel system

   ~ decreasing indoor air quality


   ~ collecting rain water from her gutters in her pond

Perm Culture

  Project Firefly


  • design & build an active, mobile solar array


  • Mission :  Educate & Advocacy


  • we take this to events to let people view solar power up-close


  • donations towards this are tax-deductable

  Wind Energy 7

    Wind & Solar -- Hybrid Power Experts


  • install yourself, complete system kits with free support


  • improve the value of your home


  • 30% tax credit


  • full emergency backup


  • exclusive inventions


  • become a local wind / solar dealer


  • run your electric meter backwards; sell power back to the utility company

2015 Earth Day

at Hays Nature Preserve


  • more than 11,000 people attended


  • over 70 earth-friendly informative exhibits and demonstrations


  • Firefly charges Electric Car


  Introduction to Firefly

    by Doug Elgin


  • 3 solar panels to Charge Controller to Battery to Inverter to fan


  1. 1st generation, Crystalline Silicon (Polysilicon or monosilicon)

  2. 2nd generation, Thin film Solar Cell  (TFSC)

  3. 3rd generation, Organic Photovoltaic Cell (OPVC)


  • 3 polysilicon solar panels can generate 690 Watts (mono generate more electricity, but more expensive - both poly & monosilicon sell for about $1/Watt)


  • 1.4 KWHour battery


  • payback of a grid-tied system in 10 - 13 years

for more

click ASA


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