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Government Affairs
Vice President

The 2017 Board of Directors of ASA

Doug Elgin

Objective:  to maintain Chapter’s records


Brandon Hunt  

Objective:  to develop and monitor the Alabama Solar Association’s financial operations


Paul Agarwal

Objective responsible for assisting the President in coordinating and directing committee activities and association operations

Kay L. Detter

Objective:  Keeps the association focused on setting and maintaining its goals.

He oversees officers and committees and encourages teamwork.

Maintains the operations of the association


Public Relations Director
Morton Archibald

Objective the Government Affairs Officer...     ????????


< your name hear >

Objective:  to support and promote Alabama Solar Association and all programs


Technical Director
Programs Director

Objective:  ??????????

Gary Hasemeyer
Don Woodley
vacant -- Please Volunteer

Objective to provide technical advice to Alabama Solar Association members, and to review all programs for technical correctness


Information Director
Steve Archibald

Objective:  ???????????


Education Director
Membership Director
Newsletter and Social Media
Steve Archibald, acting

Objective:  to maintain membership records of the Alabama Solar Association and recruit new members


please volunteer
< your name here >

Objective:  to produce monthly newsletter, The Sundial, and promote the Alabama Solar Association activities

Webmaster    (more like Web-slave)
Celia Mackey

Objective:  to maintain the Alabama Solar Association’s Web Site


Renewable Energy Intern
vacant -- Please Volunteer

Objective:  learn about renewable energy while assisting in the day-to-day operations of the Alabama Solar Association

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just a note on the

"power of the people"

"Every 2 years, Americans take to the streets to overthrow the government

  .  .  .  

and there's not a policemen in sight."

                       from HBO's "Newsroom" series

Celia Mackey

Objective:  to maintain the Alabama Solar Association’s Web Site


Webmaster    (more like Web-slave)
Kid's Education Director 
Celia Mackey

Objective:  to teach local children about Electricity and Green Energy, whether in the classroom or social club


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