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The Officers Biographies -- Who are we?

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Douglas L. Elgin

Doug has long had an interest in using solar energy to improve quality of life and reduce our impact on the planet. Doug has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Doug also has a Master’s of Business Administration degree with a specialty in Investment and


Doug was born in the (very) early 1940s and is enjoying being retired. He worked for 39 years on a variety of defense-oriented aerospace programs.

Doug helped found and has been finance manager and treasurer of a local 501 C 3 organization for about 20 years. Doug additionally has been treasurer for his church for the last 5 years and has presented training on being treasurer

to other churches in North Alabama.  Doug is a past Treasurer and Vice President of the Alabama Solar Association. Doug was named the 2013 Alabama Solar Professional of the Year.


Alfred G. Orilion, P.E., Founder & past Secretary

Al's interests in solar energy applications expanded greatly during the mid-1970's petroleum crises in the USA. He helped organize Alabama Solar Energy Association (ASEA) with UAH.   Al invented and patented a solar energy        pyramid          shaped

concentrator for heating fluids and photovoltaic applications.  During that time UA formed the Alabama Solar Coalition (ASC) for emphases on photovoltaic energized vehicles. When alternate energy interests waned in USA, in late 1980’s, UAH resigned as the Alabama Solar Center and ASEA and ASC ceased. In 1990, Al formed ASA and encouraged the faithful to continue participating in

alternate energy pursuits . . . 

It thrives today.

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Morton Archibald

Morton is a registered professional civil engineer and a certified energy manager. He graduated from Auburn with a Bachelor's of Civil Engineering degree in 1966 and continued graduate studies at Louisiana State University, the Army Logistics Management Center, and the Army Command & General Staff College.  He retired from the US Army Corps of Engineers as a lieutenant colonel. He was a “Master Trainer” for the US Army Aviation and Missile Command’s Total Quality Management program.  He is now the Chief Engineer for Energy Solutions Group and the President of the Alabama Solar Association. He was named the 2008 Alabama Solar Professional of the Year. 

Morton is 68 years old, married 44 years to Brenda, and has three children. Steve lives in Huntsville, Heather lives in Birmingham, and Cory worked in Iraq and Kuwait before moving to the Philippines to start an eco-friendly motorcycle and motor scooter business.  Morton and Brenda have two grandchildren, Anabel and Kaleb. 

Morton is a native of Alabama born in Gadsden. Brenda is a transplant from Minnesota. Steve was born in Stuttgart, Germany, while Heather was born in Heidelberg, Germany. Cory was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. All of us consider

Alabama our home

except Cory; she

considers herself a

citizen of the world.

Why Solar Power ?


  • get nuclear power the old fashioned way — from the sun !

  • take advantage of government and TVA incentive money

  • TVA pays you for the energy you produce

  • provides power when utilities fail :  sunlight is unlimited

  • a good investment for you and your home

  • most panels are guaranteed for at least 25 years

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Kay L. Detter

Kay Detter is the Public Relations Director for Alabama Solar Association and is fully committed in bringing her organizational expertise and enthusiasm to any project. 

Kay recently founded HSVGREEN LLC to promote energy efficiency and conservation in the

Huntsville area. Kay is a certified Green Irene eco-consultant and a member of the construction

committee Athens/Limestone County Habitat for Humanity in building LEED-certified homes.

Kay has a BS in Business Administration from UAH.

Steve has always been fascinated by the advancement of technology. He enjoys learning how tasks that once were difficult and wasteful are now so effortlessly and efficiently completed using today's tools.  Old enough to have witnessed first-hand the

Steve Archibald

the energy crisis of the 70's, yet too young to appreciate the scope of the just-then awakening giant, Steve holds a much greater regard for one of the biggest challenges facing humankind today.

Steve is confident that we will continue to build on our knowledge, advance our technology, and have a fighting chance against the beast before us.

Steve holds a B.S. Degree in Management of Technology and an Associate in Applied Technology Degree in Industrial Electronics Technology. He brings to ASA proven communication skills and a personal interest in technology.

His objective is to enhance communication between ASA members, the public, businesses, and policy makers with regard to the many benefits of renewable energy. Steve was named the 2010 Alabama Solar Professional of the Year.

Mike Ivanco

Having earned an associate’s degree in solar technology in 1981, Mike likes to think he was green before being green was cool.   He worked for solar companies in Colorado and California, designing

and building hot water and hot air solar systems.  Mike is an avid believer in energy conservation, and is

constantly working to improve his knowledge of renewable energy.

Mike lives in Florence, Alabama with his 2 dogs, Brinkley and Charlie.

Celia Mackey

I was born and raised right here in Huntsville.  I have a BS in Biology / Chemistry from the University of Alabama.  Using my Chemistry, I worked on the Space Shuttle, Space Lab, GPS Satellites and a Hubble Telescope predecessor in Huntsville, then So. California. 

I didn't much like it out there, so I came back to Huntsville and by the time I was 30 I earned a Masters in Computer Science from UAH.  I became a Aerospace Software Engineer and worked mostly on BMC-cubed (Reagan’s Star Wars).  (Boy, did that cost the country a lot of money.  But it paid for my house.)

In my early 30’s, I developed an auto immune illness which weakened me physically and took away most of my stamina. It became harder to leave the house over the next

Software Tools.  I designed & developed database software and loved it.

Since I watch a lot of documentaries,

I became convinced Solar was the way to go for me and the country.  I heard Morton speak at the library and joined ASA that night.

5 years, so I started my own business   in  my  home,  Key 

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