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   ~ using 2" x 6" studs in the outside walls (instead of the conventional 2 x 4's) adds insulated buffering space
      from the outside weather  (The six inch-thick walls are sprayed full of soy-based foam insulation.)

   ~ a Geothermal Heating & Cooling System saves energy and lasts 30 years

   ~ Solar Hot Water System (with Solar Collectors to heat water on her roof) saves energy & money

   ~ 9 KW Solar Array -  TVA buys back the electricity generated from the system that's not used by her house. 
      The electricity produced is more than the house requires to operate, so the Utility company sends monthly
      checks to her.

   ~ gutters collect rainwater and divert it to an underground pipe which empties into her pond.  This
      fish-fertilized water is used for watering plants during the growing season.  Normally it would be wasted.

   ~ to avoid indoor air pollution (which can be 3 times greater than outside air)  all floors are hard wood or 
      tile, all paints used contained no or very low volatile chemicals and no particle board was used in cabinets
      or construction to avoid urea formaldehyde exposure.

   ~ normal winter Thermostat setting remain between 65-67 degrees and between 75-78 degrees in the

Michele Sneed house
2 Huntsville Green homes where featured.  We met at each house & saw up-close real houses using Green Energy and the latest conservation features for the average homeowner.

Featured at his house is his Solar Farm in his backyard, a solar hot water heater, a Solatube which functions as a Sky Light by day and LED hall light (motion-activated) by night (or in thick clouds) and most importantly the delicious Nacho Dip cooked in his Solar Oven he started cooking that morning.  {Doug, ASA Pres., said the Photons kept getting stuck in between his teeth.}  Brandon says the Solar Farm generates about half of the electricity he uses.  After the tour, Brandon had lots to snack on for us. 

Thank You, Brandon.

Brandon Hunt's house

Michele is a Perm Culturist. Perm Culture is a way of living where you give more back to the earth than you take.  She researched this home and its construction for years. Michele explained :

Brandon is the ASA Treasurer.  See more about him on the Officers page. 

See the YouTube video on the

Gallery, Video webpage

ASA Solar Tour 2014, June 21






Permaculture is a holistic approach to landscape design and human culture. It is an attempt to integrate several disciplines, including biology, ecology, geography, agriculture, architecture, appropriate technology, gardening and community building. 

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